Well, day one of moving back into my largely new apartment is complete, but I’m raring to start putting everything back together, and so I’m feeling rushed, and kinda wanted to just phone in the 365.

I took a couple of shots with the iPhone earlier that looked almost acceptable on the phone, but failed on the computer screen.

I took some quick snaps of the pile of junk in the living room, but who wants to look at that?

I took some pictures of the quilt I rehung over the window, but they were taken in haste, at too slow a shutter speed, so they failed, even at being abstractions.

So I sat down, looked around, and spied one of the bits of carpet that are always leftover after new installation, put it under a lamp, shined an led flashlight on it, and took a few shots, one of which was this one. Meh, but acceptable, given my haste.

(FYI: tomorrow will be worse: must stay late at work for an ice cream social/movie watching party… I really don’t want to, but I suppose it’s good to be social, and especially since I got a new boss today due to some reorganization: must make a good impression… And after work, I need to go by momma’s, wash sheets, clean the bathroom the cats lived in over the last week, and get everything spic and span for some houseguests that will be coming in on Friday. Busy day ahead tomorrow: yuck.)

D7000. Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 Zomb-E Series. ISO800, 1/80th (apmode), f/8, -1EV. Rather heavy-handed processing in Aperture, and even a crop to vertical orientation…

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