I think I’ve figured out why I’ve been so out of it, non-committed, and creatively stunted, this week…

I gave up the nightly, after dinner candy binge a couple of weeks ago, which means I’ve had no candy in the apartment, which means I’ve had no candy immediately after arriving home (and after my afternoon snack), and instead it’s just been the usual after-work snack of cheese and crackers.

Without the sugar, I think the lactose and gluten are dragging me down in the afternoon, and since I generally shoot the 365 in the afternoon, I’ve been drug down instead of creatively inspired (or at least creatively willing, if that makes any sense).

So the next step is to change up the afternoon snack, add in a piece of fruit, or maybe a cup of yoghurt, or perhaps give it up altogether (though my daily calorie intake would drop by ~25% as a result), and I’ll see if that helps pull me out of the afternoon funk I’ve been in of late.


Anyway. I was waiting for the doors to decide it was time to allow entry, and decided to snap this of the entryway and elevator bank at work. Despite having some lens-correction in CS6, it still makes me dizzy and looks all twisted up, even though it’s square and plumb (if slightly off in the vertical center).

I don’t know why.

The editing went like this:
-shot with the built-in camera in HDR mode
-sent to Camera+ and hit with the clarity filter
-sent to BigLens, where it got the HDR effect, but no lens blur
-brought home, opened in Aperture
-decided the BigLens effect was too much
-decided the Camera+ effect was too much, and so
-sent the original HDR version to Photoshop for a lens correction and crop
-sent to Aperture for very mild adjustments of black point and definition.


iPhone4, built-in camera app, in HDR mode. Lens-corrected and cropped in Photoshop CS6, with extremely mild processing in Aperture.

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