I had fun making this, but a heckuva time getting it uploaded and edited, and I’m not particularly pleased with the results so we’ll be trying again on the morrow, perhaps.

So I plugged the SD card into the new mbp, and after a few seconds, Aperture opened and offered to import the pictures for me. Thanks!

I switched the library over to referenced yesterday, and also forgot to set up my import name change scheme (or my export name scheme…), so I set that up and then imported to the referenced library.

Aperture claimed success, and so I went to start editing pictures.

FAIL. Unsupported file type. The RAW adjustments were created with a different version of Aperture, and can not be opened. Do you want to reprocess? Yes. FAIL. Unsupported file type.

I tried another picture, then another, then another. Same thing every time.

So I deleted them all, and imported again. Same thing.

Pictures made yesterday: same.

Pictures made last year: same.


Ok. Don’t panic.

I ejected the card, and pulled it from the computer. But the icon remained on the desktop.



FAIL. Hard Reboot.

Wait 30 seconds…

Start. Wait 2 minutes while the 5400rpm drive spins up and gets its $#!7 together.

All applications greyed out. Mouse clicks unrecognized. Keyboard taps unrecognized.

$^%@ &^$)#

Ok. Hard reboot, and wait 5 minutes, then start up, wait 25 minutes while Spotlight re-scans everything before I can do anything with the computer (and this is a quad core machine…).

Start Aperture and check files. Everything seems to be in order, but it can’t find my last import… Ok, so I import the pics again. Success!

Please believe there will be some serious system checking going on very shortly, and maybe a trip to the “Genius” Bar in my future. Hooray.

D7000. Sigma 30mm f/1.4. ISO100, 3 seconds, f/8. Some cropping and mild manipulation in aperture.

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