The biggest problem with committing to a 365 project is posting those pics that you’re wildly unhappy with, but know its the best one you’re going to get that day.

This photo is weak. The concept is worn out (for now, for me, if not for you). The execution is poor. The composition nonexistent.

But it’s the best I can do today.

If by some miracle I come up with something better, I’ll delete this one and post the better one.

But don’t hold your breath.

D7000. LensBaby Muse (Plastic), +10 and +4 macro lenses affixed to the front. ISO100, 2 seconds, f/5.6. Torturous processing in Aperture. I even took it into Ps 5.1, but couldn’t find anything to make it better there, either.

Oh well. I won’t be posting this to the effbook.

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