I shot through a second test of the BlackKeys 44 camera on the Hipstamatic Disposable series app today, and had no intention of using one of those for the 365. In fact, I shot a nice picture with the 645 Pro app that captured my agoraphobia in a beautiful and suggestive manner, and which I planned to put a hurt on with one or another or several of the Topaz Labs plugins for Aperture, but when I saw this picture pop up during import, I knew this was it.


Any time my hands get within 2 feet of the floor, Olive runs over to be petted, and this time was no different.

I had just pushed the shutter when she started rubbing all up on my hand, so half of the credit for this shot goes to her, for sure.^

The only thing that would make this picture better is if I had shifted about one degree to the left, to crop out the electrical plug and part of the cat tree, but then there wouldn’t be as much tail… Other than that, I’m extremely pleased with this, though it would mostly be a huge fail if not for Daido Moriyama…

iPhone 4. Hipstamatic Disposable series, BlackKeys 44 ‘camera.’

^Olive and Ivan are two black cats that live with me, in case you were wondering.

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