New graffiti popped up on the old building I pass on the way home almost every day… And it’s pretty nice, too.

Or, rather, some street art-type-stuff popped up on the groovy building I pass every day. Unlike the usual tags and throw-ups I see there, this little stencil is sweet and friendly and (mostly) nonthreatening… This is not to say that the usual tags and throw-ups are threatening, at least not to me anyway.

I’ve had fantasies of buying this building and turning it into an art gallery (downstairs) and residence (upstairs). I know it would be a total money pit, but I really like this old fellow, and hope someone finds a way to do something with it.

iPhone 4. Built-in camera app. Shot from across the street, from the car window, with traffic streaming by, and straightened in Photoshop. If I make the time this evening, I’ll go shoot it properly, though I’m largely fine with this as it is.

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  1. Great building – love the coined corners. I wonder what is underneath the plywood facade?