…what folding space looked like.

Well, maybe not always, but for quite some time. And I’m sure it looks nothing like that strange-honking scene in that awful Dune movie…

Or maybe this is a Base Ship in orbit above Caprica…

Or it could be something else, something of the actual world, which wouldn’t surprise me much, as this place is fantastic and wondrous as often as not.

Anyway. Enough hypothesizing. It’s really a test to see how the LensBaby performs when stacked on 100mm worth of extension tubes… As expected, it’s not sharp, has no depth of field to speak of, and produces the usual dreamy, blurry stuff for which this model is known.

Good times.

D7000. LensBaby Muse (plastic), stacked on 100mm extension. ISO100, 1.3 seconds (APmode), f/2.0. Quite a bit of adjustment in Aperture to bring out various details.

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