I gave up on trying to create a panorama out of images like this… The 2009 13″ mbp is just not up to the task of creating 19,000×13,000px images. Actually, it will create the empty file with relative ease, but each image takes about 4 minutes of frozen computer to appear in the file, and just forget about moving them around at all.

I could probably convert to jpg and shrink down in Aperture, but I want to be able to do some post work after I assemble the panorama… maybe convert to tiff and shrink to 25% or something. I guess I’ll try that.

In the mean time, enjoy this one.

D7000. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G, reversed and stacked on ~100mm extension. ISO100, 1/160, f/1.8, SB-700 at 1/64th hard camera right, about 1 inch from the subject, and triggered via a pair of Cactus v5 triggers.

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