I enjoyed my first good night’s sleep since last Thursday (the last night I slept in my own apartment, in my own bed), and woke up at my usual—if wildly unreasonable—time: 4am. I did doze a bit, but was up and atom by 5, tripod grabbed from the trunk and remote release forgotten in the room and off on an early morning Marfawalk by 5:15.

In a town of ~600 people, the streets are virtually deserted at this time of the morning, but the few cars that passed seemed nonplussed by the 6’2″ 250lb jerk  walking down the middle of the street with a tripod-mounted camera resting on his shoulder. Go figure.

When I got back to the hotel, downloaded and saw this picture, I knew it would be the best one I made all day, and it was, even though Momma and I took a long figure-8 drive around the scenic loop around Fort Davis (BEAUTIFUL), up to Balmorhea, across to Kent, back down to Fort Davis, and then back to Marfa, stopping to shoot all along the way, and this is straight out of the camera!

I’m very pleased with this, even though it probably could’ve been made anywhere, and has no direct tie to Marfa, and the bottom left corner and left side are a bit funky, compositionally speaking (the tripod was at half-mast, and I just sorta pointed the camera up, but didn’t bother to lie down or squat to frame it properly. Oh for a swing-out screen!)

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO100, 30 seconds, f/2.8.

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