“Bees are in the what now?” is a throwaway line from a Simpson’s episode (the one where Homer ends up owning all the sugar in town…) that an old friend of mine used to use as a catch-phrase of some sort, and is quite fitting as a title for this throwaway photo.

I shot 177 pictures at various points during the drive from Marfa to Presidio to Terlingua, through the Big Bend, up to Marathon and back to Marfa (~260 miles of ever-shifting high plains landscape) today, and this was the best nothing that I got. I make no excuses, but I did sleep very poorly (again) and have little practice with making pictures of the beautiful sweeping landscapes here in southwest TX.

I got about 5 shots of this bee on this Ocotillo (Fouguieria splendens) plant, and this mediocre one was the best.

I need way more practice on this landscape-shooting thing: the landscape out here is flipping amazing, and I want to go home with something I can use as a desktop for a few months.

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO100; 1/400th; f/8. And it took quite a bit of playing in Aperture to get even to this sorry state.

Wish me a good night’s sleep, if you’re reading this! I’ve got two more days here, and I’ll need some rest if I want to make any pictures worth keeping!

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