Aluminum roasting pans were on sale at the Fiesta for $1 each, so I bought a rectangular one and an oval one…

I wondered what the grooves and ridges in the pans would do for the light, and I got my answer: they make it Awesome!

This setup was rather complex: the SB700 (on the not-broken-after-all Cactus V5 trigger) standing to the right, and slightly in front of, the subject, zoomed to 70mm and on the narrow beam, fired over top of the subject and into the round roasting pan, which I bent up quite a bit so it would cantilever out a bit and positioned on the left of the subject, and slightly behind, angled back towards the camera a bit, so it would bounce light into the second roasting pan which was directly next to the flash.

This is probably a bit confusing, so here’s a picture (and I think I’ll start doing this for most of my shots going forward):

365.52 Point of Impact, part 7: Liquid Metal
75-150 @75, 1/10th, f/16 (also back about 5 feet from the original shooting poisition)

I think I’ll head back to the Fiesta and pick up about 20 of these pans and stack them in the closet for future flash-bouncing fun!

Good times.

D7000, Nikon 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series at 150mm, ISO100, 1/250th, f/16, SB700 at full power, and bounced all over the place.


And thus ends my full week of shooting the same object over and over again… I think I got some good shots, and definitely got to play with flash some, so GoGo. This weekly project thing might just become a regular occurrence…


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