And this was the most frustrating one yet…

68 shots (all virtually identical, unless you’re me and after something relatively specific) in, I knocked over the cheap old tripod that was holding the snooted SB700 and Cactus V5 trigger onto the fancy tile in the kitchen.

Bye Bye Cactus trigger; Hello D7000 Commander Mode, with all its attendant PITAness.

50-odd shots later, many of them black, and I changed the position of the subject (mostly to prevent the reflection of the D7000’s flash, which was set to fire only a ‘shoot now’ flash, but of course this ‘invisible’ pre-flash shows up in anything even slightly reflective, and I’ve yet to find anything that will block this and still allow it to serve as a trigger, hence the Cactus V5 purchase… but I digress)…

and it took 3 shots in the new position—1 at the previous settings (1/100th, f/11), one at the new settings, and one with the camera position changed slightly to get today’s 365 shot.


Anyway. I like the swan/dragon flare shape thing, and the starburst, and the shadow and the visible reflected light from the various sheets of foamcore that was precariously balanced in various places. So it’s win, despite the frustration of broken Cactus trigger and being forced to use the commander mode…

To its credit, the commander mode makes it considerably easier to change settings on the remote flash, and in truth I would use it instead of the Cactus triggers if it weren’t for the reflections I get from the trigger flash…


D7000, Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 at 72mm, ISO100, 1/250th, f/16, SB700 at 1/4 power, triggered via the commander mode on the D7000.

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