Desaturated. Orange Light Leaks. A Sort-Of Interesting Border.

If I start up another one of these, I’ll be turning the light leaks off and shooting with B/W and that neat border in mind… But that’s a big if.

Take the 99 cents you were going to spend on this camera and go bury it in the neighbor’s yard, or give it to the next person that asks you if you have anything to spare, or stick it in the pocket of those pants that change always falls out of and go ride roller coasters until it all falls out of your pocket and is lost forever.
All of these are better uses of your hard-earned change, and I think Synthetic should be ashamed of their efforts on the 99 cent unlimited cameras, all of which are uninspired and appear rushed attempts to appease the users who were upset by their pricing model of the D-Series app.


Oh well.

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