I sorta ran myself out of time, what with a mid-week grocery run, fetching diesel for Hank the Golf, paying off bills, and other Wednesday inanity, so I went back to macro…

But I wanted to switch it up this time, so I pulled out the magnifying glass (from day 26), the 36-72 E Series, the macro reverse ring, the 49mm worth of extension tubes, and the cat toy that is partly visible in day 7, and started shooting.

I got some pretty good shots through the magnifying glass, uploaded them to the computer, and started to take everything down, when I decided to take a shot without the magnifying glass.

365.42 Ohne Titel
Same set-up as the 365 shot, above, but with a large magnifying glass in between the lens and the subject.

Ends up, the magnifying glass only blurred the image! It didn’t magnify anything! (I think this is because of the distance between the lens and the subject—about 5 inches—but that’s just a guess). If you have a better idea, please pass it along!

This was the D7000, Nikon 36-72mm f/3.5 E Series, reversed, on 49mm of extension tubes, ISO100, 6 seconds, f/16.

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