Homage JPB

This took a long honking time for a quick after-work shoot. Jeez.

I started out just wanting to play with flash some… then I needed a second light (enter the DIY SoftBox-Type-Thingy from several weeks ago)… then I needed a third light (hello bedside lamp)… then I needed to change the setup, bring in a chair because my back and knees began to ache from stooping and squatting… and then I just gave up and went with this one. Only took 115 shots. (This was number 90-something… I lost count when I removed all the black pictures: damned sleep setting on the flash that I still don’t know how to change!)

Kudos to anyone who knows this game and has played it in the past year.

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G, ISO100, 1/50th, f/4, flash at 1/4 held above the scene and fired through the cereal-box strip-box, beside lamp at camera right, softbox-ish thingy on the left.

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