And this Foxy camera is FUN! Great blur effects and good color. GoGo.

I think I’ll be using this one rather often, despite the silly border…


A note: it takes a loooong time to transfer the pics from Hipstamatic D to the camera roll, and if you try to save multiple cameras to the camera roll at once, the whole operation can take an hour or more. It took around 90 minutes to completely save 5 cameras worth of images, and the transfer only happened while Hipstamatic D was opened.

And don’t be fooled by the “Saved!” pop-up that pop’s up after you hit ‘save,’ as that just means the save operation has begun. I lost 21 shots out of the BlacKeys roll because I deleted that set of images from the app soon after the ‘Saved!’ pop-up appeared… Grrrrr…

I hope Synthetic gets this together in a future update.

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