So I saw a photo someone had taken of an eye, and decided that would be a fun subject for today’s 365…

So I set up the macro rig and started shooting…

Any idea how difficult it is to focus on and frame an eyeball with a reversed 75-150 E Series on 49mm of extensions? Yep. Pretty hard. And achieving a shutter speed suitable for capturing an eyeball, with an aperture that gives more than a millimeter or two depth of field while shooting that eyeball, macro, indoors, in ever-decreasing afternoon light is equally challenging.

And it ended up being nigh on impossible for me, even after calling over a buddy to frame my eye and focus the lens…

Luckily, several of my wholly out of focus shots ended up having some nice, pretty, creamy, and colorful bokeh pretty much all over, so I picked one and cranked the volume a bit.

So, the macro rig (D700 + reversed 75-150 E Series + 49mm of extensions), shot at 1/2 second, ISO800, f/3.5.

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