Happy New Year!

I couldn’t decide which of these should be today’s pic for the 365, so I give you two instead.

As with previous entries, these were made with the 75-150mm f/3.5 E Series, reversed, with 49mm worth of extension tubes, ISO 100 for 0.6 seconds. Unlike earlier entries, I know these were shot at f/11, but I don’t know why the depth of field is so flipping thin: this is something I’ll need to investigate. Also, these were lit with the usual desk lamp, plus a cheap Knog led bicycle light that will likely see more action in the macro world.

I fully intend to shoot more than just macro for this project. In fact, I went out early this morning to try to catch the sunrise over downtown. Alas, I drove around looking for a good spot for quite awhile, and finally settled on a place where there was a good view of about half of downtown, obscured by some lamps and trees. Needless to say, the shots were uninspired and uninspiring. I’ll try again soon, and scout some good vantage points in the mean time.

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