Now Here Then unboxing

After averaging something like two photobooks per month in 2015, I’ve sworn a bit of a moratorium on photobook purchases, not as any sort of resolution, per se, but just as a sort of test of will and patience. The end of the year, what with its Listmas and other nudges (gentle and otherwise) to BUY THIS BOOK NAO!, was difficult, but I mostly persevered, except for those two books I mentioned in the last unboxing.

One thing that I ran across kept nudging me, though, and insistently…

Blake Andrews alerted me to this one too (see entry #7 under ‘Photobooks’ here, and also included in ‘Six photobooks the lists missed’ here), and while I don’t always agree with B, after perusing his various picks, Huger Foote’s Now Here Then caught my eye, and despite my best efforts, it haunted me for more than a week, and after some difficulty, I ordered it.*

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PhotoBooks of the Year

I’m a bit of a sucker for the photo book of the year lists… When some photographer or critic that I admire picks a book of the year, I’m likely to be entering my Paypal password before I even realize it, and I end up with something that may or may not be my cup of tea, whether or not I have any idea what my cup of tea is or isn’t. I’m starting to get an inkling of what I like, and I’m starting to have some opinions of things too, and they’re not merely based on what some critic or photographer claimed in some blog post or podcast that quietly slipped into the ether along with everything else (and along with this blog post, which likely won’t even make a blip on any imaginary radar anywhere).

In sha’Allah I’m going to try to limit my impulse photobook purchases in 2016. They get expensive after awhile, and I needs me some film, a backup (or primary) film body and a proper macro lens long before I need another photobook that I might or might not even look at again. And so, since these unboxing videos might come a bit more infrequently in 2016, I’ll get the year started off right and give some comments and thoughts to these two: Multitude, Solitude: the photographs of Dave Heath and Early Works by Ivars Gravlejs. Continue reading “PhotoBooks of the Year”