Nikon Lite•Touch Zoom AF – First Roll Review

Several weeks ago, during one of the many trips to local charity shops with my darling, adorable wife, I spotted a small, leather camera case in the jewelry display. I suspected it to be some sort of digicam, so imagine my surprise when I opened it up and found the Nikon Lite•Touch Zoom AF. The […]

Alex Prager – ‘Silver Lake Drive’

Alex Prager‘s photography is equal parts Hitchcock and Crewdson, with some hints of Sherman thrown in. Her images contain whole worlds, full backstories of all the characters, a sense of action before and after the millisecond captured on the film. Silver Lake Drive is a retrospective, of sorts, with selected images and film stills from projects completed […]

Juno Calypso – ‘What to do with a Million Years’

I became aware of Juno Calypso‘s work several years ago, back during my early, digital days even. A few of her pictures from the Joyce and The Honeymoon series are in my inspiration file for their color and suggestion of (creepy, menacing) narrative, but my interest in her work preceded my photobook obsession and I […]

Rosalind Fox Solomon – ‘Liberty Theater’

Rosalind Fox Solomon is one of my favorite photographers. Her ability to move between various communities, her access to people from all manner of backgrounds, and her ability to get open, honest expressions and gestures is incredible. I have two of her previous books with Mack, THEM (2014) and Got to Go (2016), so when I heard […]