As mentioned previously, I’ve been exploring the wonders of Shutter Priority mode and looking at Yusuf Sevincli’s work (which reminds me some of Daido Moriyama, for likely obvious reasons). The former is fun to play with—and I can foresee some possibilities for exploration—and the latter leads me to think about aesthetic, in particular the aesthetic particular to a certain […]

Digital Darkroom Software Review: Lightroom CC, part 1 – Lightroom Mobile

Program:  Lightroom Mobile Platforms Tested Available:  iPhone, Android Price: “free” as part of the $9.99/month CC Photography plan (with Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC and some other goodies) Installation: its a usual download from the app store, but it won’t work without a Creative Cloud membership and one of the monthly plans. With my 30 day trial of […]