For Eid al Fitr this year, I decided, perhaps in error (what’s new?) to shoot digital… Did I shoot the aged but still excellent D7000? Maybe the great old Olympus C-5050Z? No? Did I shoot the fancy new camera I acquired to up my scanning and unboxing game?


self portrait on eid-al-fitr-2021

I will say that most everyone was wildly impressed with what I decided to shoot… Firas wasn’t sure what he was looking at:


Saad appreciated it:

Daniyal just wanted to run around with his new, surprisingly powerful, Nerf gun

I can’t blame him. The little camera I shot is more than twice his age. Shoot… it’s about the same age as his eldest sister.


We all gathered a my mother- and father-in-law’s house after the morning prayer for gifts and brunch, and it was a good time.

Daniyal was excited by his new Lego model, and he’s into quite advanced ones these days, much more so than I ever had.

  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-073
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-074
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-075
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-076
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-077
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-078
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-079
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-080
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-081
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-082
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-083
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-084
  • eid-al-fitr-celebration-2021-085

And while my young niece Aisha is more interested in the gift bags than anything that might be inside them, she was fascinated by her new kicks.

After all the presents and all, everyone gathered on the stairs for some group portraits. And here, in the sorta dim front room, with the flash forced off, the little digicam mostly fell down.

If these don’t look too bad, well, they’re the best of a bad lot. Of the 50-odd family group pictures I made, these are the sharpest. Most were blurred too much to be usable, and not enough to be arty… But at least some were arty…

So what little digicam did I use? It was the 2003 Casio Exilim S20… 2 megapixels, that’s 2 million pixels, and only 11mm thick? Good times.

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