Alhamdulillah, today is Eid al Adha, the celebration of the end of the Hajj (may Allah accept it from those blessed enough to attend this year, and may He allow the rest of us to participate in the future, ameen), an opportunity for us to remember Abraham’s sacrifice, and a chance for us to gather together in remembrance of Allah and his blessings, mercy, and guidance.

On the day of Eid, after a sermon and prayer, we take part in a sacrifice, usually of a sheep or goat, sometimes of a cow, feast, share meat with neighbors and those less fortunate, and in general remember Allah and His favors on us.

In previous years, I’ve performed the sacrifice myself once, had my brother-in-law do it once, allowed my in-laws to provide it once, and bought it once. The DIY option is the best, most spiritual of the lot: hanging out with the animal, thanking it for its service, praying that Allah accept the sacrifice from me and make the meat nourishment to myself and my family, it’s all a really deep, spiritual and emotional experience that I hope to repeat many times in future years. Allowing others to do it for me, or buying it is easiest, by far, but it feels hollow.

This year, I didn’t find an opportunity to do it myself, and we don’t have space in the freezer for all the cow or goat that would yield anyway, so I contributed some money to a charity, and InshaAllah, they’ll provide an animal so that someone halfway around the world, and less fortunate than I, can take part in the sacrifice and celebrate Eid with family and friends.

May Allah accept it from me, ameen.

At time of writing, we have only two invites, but I expect that will change, and I look forward to visiting many neighbors, enjoying fellowship with them, and carrying the celebration through this long weekend, InshaAllah celebrating the Big Eid for the full four days, and worshiping Allah azza wa jall throughout. Alhamdulillah for these opportunities to gather together in remembrance of Him! Allahu Akbar.

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