After the FG stopped working properly, I sorta laid low on the photographic front, processed film, made a video, and got caught up on my photographic to-do list while the rain poured down outside and Mom went about her usual activities.

I shot with the phone some on the way to Arkansas, a tiny bit while there, and a whole bunch on the way back: 150 in all, most of which are absolute garbage. That’s what you get with spray-and-pray type hipstamaticing, as with other types of spray-and-pray shooting in general. If I had more time to really play with all the lens and film filters and combinations, I’d probably get far more quality out of it, but my photographic hobby is a bit schizophrenic at present (more on that later), and I don’t have time to do everything I’d like to do.

So I set Hipstamtic to swap lenses and films at random, and just shoot away, and hope that something comes out. Whether or not anything did, you’ll have to be the judge.

On the way to Arkansas, I shot mostly with the D7000 and 24mm f/2.8 ai, with brief interludes with the FG and briefer visits with the Hipstamatic. I didn’t shoot it at all until I hit i49, and then shot more or less exclusively with it for 10 minutes or so till I made it through the Bobby Hooper Tunnel, when I shut it off to conserve battery. I think I posted one of these as part of the #Lunchbreak project.

Once in Arkansas, I focused on the digital and/or film project, and pretty much ignored the phone, and the #Lunchbreak, save this one, which got some of the most likes on the tumblog.

working away-raining away

After that, I didn’t really revisit the phone until the trip home, when I shot almost exclusively with it. If you recall (and you may or may not, depending on your memory and where you were living in late December of 2015), it rained and rained for several days, and much of the Eastern Oklahoma landscape—what I could see of it whilst speeding along I40—was flooded.

And after the flooded landscape of Eastern OK, I pretty much ignored the phone—and photography in general—for the rest of the ride home.

Looking back at these nearly a month later, I’m impressed by my newfound ability to hold the phone more or less level, at arms length, while keeping my eye on the road. I had far more straight-ish horizons to be happy with than I used to get, so GoGo.

And that was my trip to Arkansas. Up next week, some B/W, if I can get the posts written…

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