Just two days after Hipstamatic 300’s long awaited debut, Hipstamatic is back with an update.

The most noticeable change, for me: volume button shutter works again!

  • In classic mode, volume down expands and contracts the embiggened viewfinder and volume up trips the shutter. 
  • In new pro camera mode, both volume up and volume down both trips the shutter. 

The update text only mentions something cryptic, like the usual “bug fixes and other improvements,” or some such, and there might be some other things that I didn’t notice. 

One small and very annoying issue: if you take a screenshot while Hipstamatic 301 is in edit mode, the app crashes. I think the change to the camera roll is what causes the crash, as there’s a very slight delay between capturing the screenshot and the crash, probably  while the phone writes the picture to the gallery. 

I expect a 302 in rather short order, but only Allah knows. We’ll all have to wait and see. 

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