Google released Snapseed 2.0.2 yesterday. Did it solve the save bug?Why yes, yes it did!20150531-0028-Snapseed 2-0-2-©JamesECockroft-9503

MashaAllah, Walhamdulillah, wa Allahu Akbar!

And all it took was adding in a fancy new ‘Export’ option, much like the users requested. Thanks, Google!20150531-0028-Snapseed 2-0-2-©JamesECockroft-9501Just hit that, and *poof* you’ve saved your a new file with all your edits baked in. From the update notes: “The saving option “Export” saves a new copy of the image without embedded editing information.”

There’s some other stuff too: the return of the Grunge filter is a very popular item in the various posts I read yesterday. I played with it a bit, and it has possibilities, for sure, but I didn’t use it on this one.

The big news for me is the saving thing. My preferred workflow is back, and Snapseed might just make it back onto my home screen.

Not that I have much time to do any editing on the phone these days.


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