Back on April 17—the day after my post complaining about the file save problem*—Sven Tiffe posted to Google+ about SnapSeed and its saving methods.

And just a couple of days ago, Mr. Tiffe posted to the ongoing chat about Snapseed and its saving issues—the thread to which he posted the copy/paste and export to iCloud or Drive back on April 13—and apparently there is an update in the works that will address our concerns, release date as-yet unknown.

So they’re listening, they know it’s a problem for users, and they’re working on a fix.

Thanks, Google and Snapseed! Your app just might find its way onto my shooting screen after all.

Credit where credit is due, and since I gave Hipstamatic some time for its update that seems a direct answer to my concerns, I’ll give some time for Snapseed too.

*I’m sure the timing is entirely coincidental.

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