Just a picture, a multiple exposure taken early this morning in the parking garage of the new office with Hipstamatic. I sometimes forget how much fun just playing with the phone can be. Is it just play? Am I just playing into the camera app’s program? Can I do more? Can I subvert the camera’s program somehow, bend it to tell the stories I want to tell, to share whatever it is I’m trying to convey? I’m not sure I can, especially not with the iPhone and a rather popular app, and this isn’t even a proper attempt.*

I can do better, I think, InshaAllah.

*Looking back in my archives, I made some interesting-looking pictures over the years, and maybe I pushed the bounds of what the camera maker(s) intended to be done with their program. But I’ve yet to get past the apparatus itself.

I need to finish reading the Flusser… and then read it again, seriously, and make some notes.

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