It’s been awhile, but while working on a training manual I’m writing for work this week, I had the opportunity to visit the GSV a couple of times.

What does the GSV have to do with corporate research? Well, it can reveal if a company existed at at a particular address, at whatever time Google did its drive-by. There are other uses, but let’s pretend they’re trade secrets or something…

I don’t always find interesting things on the GSV, for work or personal reasons, but these caught my eye.

First, the crossed flags on the front of this car… that, and the color just felt right. IMG_6809.JPG
And second, I initially liked the strange digital artifacts in this one… I’m not sure what caused the smearing and all, but it’s groovy.

And then, in looking at it just now, it sorta reminds me of Granny & Grandpa’s house in Riverside… but only sorta.


iPhone 5, built-in camera app, shooting the Google Street View as displayed on a cheap Dell monitor.

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