or some other classic black/white film look.

I pulled this conversion off with help from Sean McCormack’s TB57 Toning Sepia preset, available as part of his Essential Development for Lightroom 5 book from Craft & Vision.  I did a bunch of stuff to it after, and ended up with something quite a bit different from the plugin, so it kindof seems silly to start with a plugin, but I wasn’t feeling too inspired, and I have these plugins rotting away on the harddrive, so… I actually haven’t read the book either… tsktsk, I guess, but I have yet to purchase a competent e-reader (or whatever they call those things), and reading ebooks on the phone or computer is eyestrain central, especially after staring blankly at screens for a living.

But I’m rambling on…

D7000, Nikkor 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G, ISO400, APMode, wide open; black & white conversion in Lightroom 5. The 28-200 G was a bit of an impulse purchase… it’s nice enough, and sooo light, but I haven’t played with it enough to really comment, and I might sell it off: it’s goes a bit longer than the 28-105, but doesn’t focus as close, and on the D7000 I see some difference between 105 and 200, but it’s minimal. I’ll have to do some comparisons, methinks: shoot the same subjects at roughly the same time, with the same settings, and see which gives better color, contrast, relative sharpness, etc. But I don’t think I need this lens… and the same may go for the rest of my collection. I probably need to do a bit of culling.

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