Tea Time (2)

Tea Time (2). Testing the new “Intensity Control(tm)” slider in Cinamatic. This is the Bennet filter at 8 (of 9). Filters appear to start out at level 7, so you can push them up a bit if you want (and as I’ve done here).

The intensity slider is part of a new update (v. 1.1) that adds some fun ‘pro’ features that I’ll try out soon enough, InshaAllah.  The Pro upgrade/add-on (free for current users; available for 99¢ to new users) includes saturation, brightness, and contrast sliders; the ability to add sound from your music library; and the ability to rearrange clips and to knit clips together to create videos longer than 15 seconds. You can also now import video; I’m not sure if this is part of v. 1.1 or part of the pro upgrade.

All in all, fun times.

iPhone 5. Cinamatic, Bennet filter.

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