the doors

the doors

episode ii: in which we bring out the big guns…

So after two disappointing days with the stripper (aren’t they all?), and after consultation with Alex,*I returned to the home improvement center yet again, and picked up something I had wanted since I was a painting student: a corner cat power sander.

It was only mildly effective, and only on the large flat areas, which account for a decent chunk of the doors, but the those aren’t the parts I was particularly worried about…

I thought of returning to the store for a dremel, but seeing as Hana was already tiring of the mess—not to mention I was feeling a bit punchy too—I went with plan B (should’ve been plan A, likely: Allahu Alaam): sandpaper and sweat.

*who advised me of the first rule of Man Code (paraphrasing): Any excuse to buy a new tool is a good excuse to buy a new tool

Stay tuned! There’s lots more to come!iPhone 5. Hipstamatic, Foxy lens, Robusta film.

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