I’m coming up on 3 years with the D7000, and for the vast majority of that time—from about week 2, almost all the way through 2012’s 365 project and 2013’s 7/52, up through last week—I’ve shot in Aperture Priority mode, where I choose the Aperture, ISO, Exposure Compensation, focus on what I want, and leave everything else to the camera.

So I decided it was time to break out of that, and see what would happen if I ran with Shutter Priority for a bit.

Results were interesting, but if I really want to have some fun, I think I’ll need to add a stack of ND filters and a flash…

As I don’t have a proper macro lens (i.e. something that will work in all the auto modes on the D7000, like, maybe, the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 or one of the newer Micro Nikkors), Shutter Priority is unavailable, so I had to go full Manual, fixing the Shutter Speed to 1/60th and manipulating the aperture manually.

I shot most of these at f/8 (one at f/4), and only one had any post processing (the yellow rosebud got -2.5 to Exposure) beyond whatever Lightroom adds automatically.

Stay tuned for more Shutter Priority fun!

d7000. mamiya/sekor 50mm f/2. ISO100, 1/60th, f/8 or f/4.

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