So why do I say it’s too close?

Well, at this magnification, the depth of field is really too small to get much in the way of usable shots with moving subjects (e.g. flowers,  under the influence of a gentle breeze).

With patience (and a tiny bit of something akin to a spray-and-pray-type approach to the craft), some beauty may be achieved, but it’s fleeting, and not quite what I’m after for general macro use.

That said, here are a couple of nice ones. Enjoy.

One more Too Close series post to go (for this round, anyway), and then I’ll be moving on to test my new Petzval lens from Lomography. InshaAllah, it will be fun times ahead, and look forward to some shots and maybe a review in the coming months (again, InshaAllah).

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO400, f/2.8, AP mode. Abject pixel-torture continues…

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