So a month ago, I was in Costa Rica, training new team members. Three weeks ago, I got married. Two weeks ago, I was just back from Honeymoon. Last week, I was just gobsmacked about being married (again: Alhamdulillah! SubhanAllah! Allahu Akbar!).

This week—still gobsmacked—Hana and I finished packing my apartment; I was slammed at work every day and tossed and turned every night; and Saturday we moved into our first apartment together.

To be honest, it’s quite a step down from any place I’ve lived in the past 10 years, and I never expected to live in such a place again. Shame on me for turning so bougie all of a sudden. If you’re a Muslim and reading this, please make dua for me, that I regain my sense of peace and joy with whatever blessings Allah ordains for me, and also make dua for Hana and me, that we find this a blessed landing place. If you’re not Muslim and reading this, please see above and keep me and us in your prayers, or keep good thoughts for us, or whatever seems right, should you feel the urge or inclination.

Anyway, and lest I ramble on further, I was so terrifically busy this week and I didn’t make any time to shoot. Shem on me again.

So no real 7/52 this week, or, rather, I haven’t had time to look through the random picture I shot, and I don’t have internet access anyway, so here’s just one picture from this week (some reverse lights on a wet parking lot), shot quickly while walking with the iPhone 5 built in camera app in HDR mode (this is the HDR one).

InshaAllah (God willing/hopefully) I’ll get six or seven up later on—if I get some time to look at what I shot this week—and have some time to shoot this week.

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