First off, let me just apologize for the complete lack of a coherent theme, largely poor composition, and general lack of subject (beyond “pretty”). No excuses.

Whew. Busy week. 10 and 11 hour meetings at work had me going in late and coming home later, which made for different lighting conditions than I’m used to seeing on my way to and from work. GoGo.

Seems there are some advantages to working a more average schedule after all…

So I shot this week with the LX7, recently returned from the UK, where it visited the Isle of Skye and various points in the southwest of England. Don’t worry: I didn’t go off to UK and not post any pictures; the camera was on loan to a coworker.

EXIF, if any is in existence, should be in the lightbox, and I did minimal post work on most of the pics. I did try out the radial filter in Lightroom 5 (between that and decent perspective correction, definitely worth the upgrade fee…) on one of the pics: the treatment is perhaps a bit heavy-handed, but it was my first time…

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