So a few days ago, I posted a pop quiz for those of you who followed my 365 project. Unsurprisingly, no one came up with any answers, though some promised to look again on a bigger screen, or with glasses, or somesuch.

So here are the answers:

1. Seven objects that were featured at various points in the 365 project appear in this image. Name all seven.
The kaleidoscope; the little chrome thingy from a mens urinal; whatever it’s called; the Maneki Neko; the lamp base; the melted lighter; the handle of my beloved (and now destroyed) 1970 VW Beetle; and the pin screen.

2. Of the 7 objects, one appeared far more than any of the others. Which one?
The kaleidoscope appeared the most, by far.

3. How many times was this object featured in the 365 (not including today)?
The kaleidoscope appeared 20 times, on days 118, 121, 124-132 (inclusive), 144-148 (inclusive), 150, 153, and 175. Nothing else even came close.

4. Two other objects made numerous appearances. Name one and how many times it appeared (not including today)? Bonus: Name both and count both.
The VW handle appeared 7 times, on days 46-52 (inclusive).
The Pin Screen appeared 8 times, on days 61-65 (inclusive), 123, 178, and 179.

The other two questions were subjective short answers, that really required no response, I suppose.

Thanks to everyone for their support throughout the 365 project, especially the curators of the Google+ 365 project, as well as all those who commented, +1’d on various social media sites or even wished me well subconsciously! It was a great and difficult project: I’m glad I did it and glad it’s over, though I’m finding it difficult to leave the camera on the shelf today, and thinking I should get started on a alternate version of the 365 immediately… Oh well. Such is the nature of habits, I suppose.

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