Yep. That’s 365 in a row.

But that’s not what I’m done with… (I’ll keep this up through the end of 2012, at least.)

The new apartment is all put together and ready to be lived in! (Except for the desk, which is, as always, a bit of a mess, what with various receipts that need to be filed and the last five or so things that need to find their space in the new place.)


On to the shooting of this… I started out dirty and unshaven. I took a bunch of pictures from the same vantage point (the front door),^ and with me in various spots, but nothing worked. The two shots that were any good at all came near the end of the first 60 tries, after the battery on the remote release went kaput and I had to switch to self-timer mode and start running back and forth.

I got fed up, went and had a shower, pulled out the SB-700 and umbrella and started trying again, but try as I might, I couldn’t get the glare off both my glasses and the glossy photos on the right of the frame.

So, for a lark, I collapsed the umbrella halfway, and voila!

(I took four more after this, but they all had something going against them: hair was too unkempt; stuff was growing out of my back or my double chin was in full effect. This would’ve been better with me sitting on the sofa, but there’s no minimizing the double chin while reclining on a sofa, not that I’ve found anyway, so I went for the ‘king surveying his kingdom’ pose, which really doesn’t work for my personality much… or maybe it does…  Anyway.)

I was quite pleased with the half-collapsed umbrella, and plan to employ it more going forward.

So. My back is very sore, my brain is a bit fuzzy and I’m in a general state of near-exhaustion from lack of nourishment, but now I can relax and enjoy the rest of 2012, cause the last big project is DONE!


D7000. Nikkor 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 G @12mm. ISO800 (leftover from yesterday: dumbass), 1/60th, f/3.8 (wide open at 12mm). SB700, SU-4’d, with its CTO panel in place, at 1/4 power, fired into a silver, half-collapsed umbrella at camera left, and triggered by the pop-up at 1/128th. Minimal post processing to get the colors corrected and bring out the shadows and highlights a bit in Aperture, all in all maybe a minute of post.

^In case you’re interested, the restroom is in that little hallway behind and to the right of me; that’s the bedroom behind. To the right of the green chair, there’s an opening into the dining area/office, and on to the kitchen with a little patio out back.

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