Earlier today, I remembered that I didn’t submit anything for last week’s Weekly Photographic Challenge (theme: Chaos), so I checked out the profile and found out this week’s theme: Serenity.

My first thought, any time I see the word ‘serenity:’ SERENITY NOW!

I went and watched the Seinfeld episode in which Serenity Now appears, only to find that it in no way matches my memory, which is much funnier and wildly useful for calming me down when I’m feeling angry or frustrated.

Strange how a wildly inaccurate memory of a television show from 15 years ago could bring much more serenity than the actual program.

Memory is a strange and wonderful thing.

D7000. JCPenney Diamatic 135mm f/2.8. ISO400, 1/25th (APmode), f/2.8. About 3 minutes of slider play in Aperture.

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