On the way to move laundry from the washer to the dryer this morning, I noticed these pretty little flowers. Within seconds, the iPhone was out of my pocket, the built-in camera app was ready, and I was kneeling on the ground framing up a shot.

This could’ve been framed up better, had I laid on the ground, and could perhaps be a bit less exposed had I been out 10 or 15 minutes earlier, but neither of these were the fault of the phone.

The same could likely be said for any of the numerous phones-with-cameras on the market today, including those phones with one of the numerous Androids operating on them. (As far as the operation goes… and the same could be said about any camera operator as far as the framing and exposure goes).

So why all the vitriol?

I happen to like the iPhone4. I haven’t upgraded to the 4s, and am interested in the 5, but will wait until actual user reviews are in, and I may switch to one or another of the numerous android devices if I don’t like what I read.

Thing is, for me, the ease of use is very important. The phone is a tool at best, and a toy most of the time. I don’t want to spend time maintaining it, cursing at the vendor for not upgrading the OS in a timely manner, and (perhaps most importantly) have a workflow with my mobile photography that includes some iPhone specific applications (Hipstamatic, for one, is not satisfactorily recreated on Android, as yet, and yes, I’ve looked for similar apps).

For other users, the newest technology is of primary importance. Others enjoy rooting around in the OS, theming and re-theming, and all the other myriad and magnificent advantages that android phones hold for many people.

I don’t begrudge my neighbor his jelly bean phablet: his tales of rooting it are legendary. Nor do I begrudge my buddy and her blackberry, with which she refuses to part. Why do so many begrudge my (and others) use of an iPhone?

Are we humans really that petty that we must fire all sorts of arrows at one another over our toys?

Apparently so, and this has long been a mystery to me.

That’s why I like these flowers. “They do not toil, nor do they spin” as someone once said (peace be upon him).

iPhone 4. Built-In Camera App. ISO125, 1/120th, f/2.8 (all chosen automatically by the phone). Some straightening and about 8 minutes of noodling in Aperture (and don’t start on the software bashing either, please).

And apologies to spring this rant on you. I’ve come across a great deal of drama on the interwebs lately, largely iPhone5 bashing coming from various quarters, and it’s making me tired.

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