Well, I took the day off work to wait for some workmen to come rip up the bedroom floor, chop through the foundation, and repair a broken pipe for the complex’s air conditioner.

Somehow, a day at home in the middle of the week is much less exciting/engaging than a weekend day…

But I did enjoy watching the sun come up.

The courtyard sunrise is a good 2 hours behind the actual sunrise, and some fabulous light effects take place in that time.

Plus, with the unrelated workers in the process of replacing a rotted header board, there were some interesting opportunities for surreptitious shooting through the mini blinds.

iPhone4. Built-In camera app, in HDR mode. ISO80, 1/464th, f/2.8 (all chosen by the app). Mild processing in Aperture to bring the colors and dynamic range up to something like what I saw.

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