Another storm, another opportunity to play with long exposures while flying down the highway in the wee hours…

If I had more daredevil in me, I would’ve turned off the windshield wipers while the shutter was open, but I was nervous as it was, what with the wet roads and sprinkle and percentage of drunks on the road at that hour (shot was made at 5:20am), and had enough trouble negotiating the swerving, brake-happy fellow travelers while aiming the camera and composing throughout the exposure.

But I’m happy-enough with this, so GoGo.

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO100, 15 seconds (AP mode), f/8, -2EV. Moderate post processing to deepen blacks and bring out some greens and violets. I even opened up the curves panel and played around until I got happy. Fun times.

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