I snuck out of work a bit early today (actually, there was no need to sneak, and I didn’t particularly, as there were few people left by the time I left), and the early-afternoon light looked just about perfect for some high-contrast street shooting.

But, being that I work in an anonymous office park in an anonymous section of an anonymous suburb of an anonymous urban metropolis, there was no one about to shoot, so I shot some cars in the parking lot, and practiced my exposure locking skills.


But I kept the camera out and shot a bit on the way home, including this shot of some stationary overpass supports as I sped past.

After some cursing and slamming on brakes and friendly horn beeps and unfriendly hand gestures and the usual sorts of homeward bound holiday-weekend fun, I shot a bit more, looking to capture a nice bit of Dune that I read last night (fail), but when I got home and loaded all the pictures in—as an aside, I’ve not been loading everything of late, but only those photos that had some chance of making it to 365 greatness or that might make for fun viewing later, and this has cut my import quotient by 60%—this one screamed at me.

So it got some heavy processing in Aperture, and a rather avant grade (for me) 16×9 crop before I realized that the drippy, smeary, splotch on the window was the reflection of my arm and hand and the camera, framed by my light-blue shirt…

Good times.

D7000. 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO100, 1/15th (AP mode), f/2.8, and absolutely tortured in Aperture.

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