While speeding to work this morning (I wasn’t running late, just speeding), I came up on an suv of some sort, and the light coming off of its spinners was AMAZING.

So I slowed down, whipped out the camera, popped off the lens cap, pointed it, and tripped the shutter…

But a D7000 in AP Mode, with ISO and Aperture determined by the user performs quite a bit differently than would an iPhone or any camera in full auto mode, and the D7000 didn’t see the beautiful spinners twinkling in the pre-dawn darkness, it just saw the pre-dawn darkness.

And while my choice of ISO (leftover, incidentally, from I-don’t-know-what), was far higher than I would have knowingly left it, it was not high enough to provide anything approaching hand-holdability, especially since I had a relatively high aperture value set.

I can’t in any way fault the D7000 here, as it performed admirably, and eked out its usual one stop overexposure (with this lens) that led to this image.

And I don’t know why I expected a relatively short shutter speed, or, rather, I didn’t even think about it because 1) I was driving, and 2) I got maybe one hour of sleep last night and have been pretty well out of it pretty much all day.


This shot, to me, looks like a candidate for an outtake of the cover shoot Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album, as covered by the Scissor Sisters, and I think I’ve stumbled on to a project to try for a week or two, or at least something to try again…

D7000. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 ai. ISO800, 15 seconds (AP Mode), f/8. Adjustments to exposure, black point, and contrast in Aperture to help tighten everything up.

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