Another Macro shot of the Collier Kaleidoscope, and another day where I have very little to say about this particular shot.

One thing that did cause some photographic consternation today (and the bulk of the day was rather consternating… I’m not sure why, but it’s drawing to a close, so gogo): Photoshop CS5.5’s inability to photomerge abstract images like this.

I took a set of 20 shots, fed them into Photomerge, and got the ‘some images could not be merged’ message. Some were pretty much solid grey, so I omitted those and tried again with 10 images: Fail. Ommited the ones that were mostly a gradient, and tried again with 6 images: Fail. Tried with 4 shots: Fail. Tried with 2: Fail. Maybe CS6 will get a bit smarter…

This shot wasn’t a part of the panorama, but it’s representative of the most complex images in the lot, but Ps5.1 couldn’t do anything with them. I tried to arrange them by hand, but Ps wouldn’t show me where I was moving the individual frames (this may be due to the relative age of my aging mbp, I guess).


But I got this one, so go me, I guess.

D7000. EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8, stacked on 104mm extension. ISO100, 1/4, f/2.8, minor levels adjustments in Aperture.

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