In my packing excitement, I almost forgot about shooting a 365! Silly me!

So out came the Zomb-E Series and I set something up that I tried a few times but was previously unsuccessful at… I shot the my reflection, macro, in the front element(s) of an old mamiya/sekor 50mm f/2 (mounted on the sadly-destroyed-due-to-battery-acid-long-before-I-acquired-it-but-still-functional-without-any-metering mamiya/sekor 1000DTL).

I think this came out pretty well! Trippy as can be, and sort of outdated, but pretty well!

And I’m headed out to Big Bend early tomorrow morning, so there may be a dearth of posts and 365 updates from me over the next few days. But rest assured that I’ll be shooting and I’ll post all in a flood, like when I return!

D7000. Zomb-E Series. ISO100; 10 seconds; f/8.

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