From the UTD Photowalk/Hipstamatic recipe test with momma this morning, and born out of much grinding of teeth and horrible fear, this photo was shot with Hipstamatic on an iPhone 4. I used the Loftus lens and Big Up film, and this kid knew I was shooting him. I stood in on spot, phone raised in an I’m-obviously-taking-a-picture motion, and I smiled and said thanks after I tapped the screen and captured the image.

I probably should’ve waited another 1/2 second or so to let him get more fully in the frame, or turned to get more of the path behind him and whatnot in view, so this picture has some problems, but for a super-saturated, tilt-shifty, not-really-a-street-photo street photo from a self-described agoraphobe, I’m quite happy with it!

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