Am I cheating by submitting an iPhone photo, hastily (read: not at all) composed while (not quite) doubling the speed limit on an exit ramp?

Maybe, but I’m doing it anyway.

This was shot with ProCamera, my current camera-replacement app of choice. Since I was driving and pretty much spraying-and-praying that I could catch these fluffy clouds all flying in formation over Old East Dallas, I couldn’t be bothered to choose the focus and exposure points, so the app (and the inbuilt camera software, I suppose) chose all of that of its own accord. But still:

ProCamera, Apple iPhone4 3.8mm lens, ISO 80, 1/1436th, f/2.8 (is the iPhone4 aperture adjustable?). Some straightening, cropping, contrast/saturation/exposure/black point/etc. adjustments made in Aperture, but only to recreate what my eyes saw.

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