I was feeling a bit worn out, creatively speaking, and had no idea what I wanted to shoot for the 365, so I strapped on the LensBaby and forced myself to shoot around.

And I ended up with this nice shot of Ivan, and it marks two firsts for the 365! 1) it’s the first picture of a cat. I’ll try not to shoot the cats too much, but there will be at least one more, as Olive needs her time to shine too! And 2) the first use of on-camera flash. Don’t get excited, it was just the pop-up, diffused with ye olde film canister trick. One of my goals for 2012 is to get more competent with flash, and so there will likely be considerably more flash work in the future, as I experiment and play with the SB-700.

So, the details: D7000, LensBaby Muse (Plastic Element), ISO100, 1/40th, f/2, pop-up diffused with a film canister and ‘dialed down’ to 1/8th, and -33ev. Good times.

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