Apples and Errors

I got off work yesterday at 2:30pm and arrived home by 3:15 or so. I had a very brief nap, shot a quick unboxing video of the SP-445 and had it posted by 5:15. By 6:15, I had two negatives drying in the shower and was changing clothes to go mow the lawn. I expected it all to be easy… Continue reading

SP-445 Success!

Three, nearly four hours, a freshly mowed lawn, and a quick shower later, there are two 4×5 negatives, mostly dry, awaiting scanning (InshaAllah tomorrow), and a nicely dried, recently-used SP-445 4×5 processing tank chilling in the developing cabinet.

How did it go? Continue reading

Missed a Spot!

Missed a Spot!

I inherited a shiny little Ricoh 35-ZF some time ago and put a couple of rolls through it back during my photowalk days in 2011 or 2012 (and started another that took me 2+ years to finish). While I liked it well enough, it did have two annoying little issues.

First off, the strap lugs made this great clacking sound at the slightest movement, and I never felt particularly stealthy with it, nor did I ever have a strap on it. Presumably, the clicking would be muted with a strap, but I mostly go strapless with little cameras like this.*

But there was a bigger problem…

Suhaib & the Light Leak

Don’t get me wrong, light leaks are stylish and all, but a permanent one, in the same spot on every frame, with the only variation dependent on how much light strikes the back of the camera for a particular frame is a bit annoying.

So the Ricoh spent most of its time sitting on the shelf. Continue reading

Unboxing JCH Street Pan

After a bit of hemming and hawing, and after Fuji announced it was discontinuing some multipacks of its professional and consumer films (it may or may not be true…), and after writing a rather passionate comment in support of all film manufacturers on the Japan Camera Hunter site (see the comments here), I pulled the trigger and ordered up a 10 pack…

I haven’t shot any yet, but there’s a roll in the LC-A as we speak, and God willing, I’ll have some further thoughts after I shoot through it. If you’re interested, go and order some, help support entities that actively produce film!